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Our Story

The company was born out of a father’s quest to teach his two daughters the subject he loved the most: MATH.

It was the classic story

One daughter loved math, but she was finding school work too easy and needed to be challenged. The other daughter was intimidated by the very thought of it and needed to develop a more positive mindset towards the subject.

The father wanted a program that would work for both the daughters, in other words, for every type of math learner.

Neither their school curriculum nor the available after- school avenues provided a learning option that worked. The school did not have the time to personalise learning, and after-school programs were mostly focused on rote methods, which he knew was neither engaging nor sufficient for the complex and competitive world of today.

So the father decided to design a new program and a learning approach that went beyond.

This approach recognised that each student is different and therefore, the content and instructor interaction has to be completely personalised and dynamic so that the student progresses at a rate that best suits them. It focused on mastering how to think, how to reason, and how to go about solving problems.

It is now our ongoing quest to nurture excellence in every child.

The Quest Learning Model, and indeed the QuestMath program that we offer today, are the result of this journey that our founder undertook.

We offer real learning, in an environment that fosters a positive mindset towards subject mastery.

About the Founder

QuestMath was founded by Saurabh Beniwal in 2016 in Singapore.

He was a career Investment Banker with a 20+ year stint in Hong Kong and Singapore where he last ran the Asian business of one of the leading global investment banks.

Saurabh graduated from IIM Ahmedabad and he also holds a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur.